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Together we can become a more musical and beautiful community.

About Alishan

Who was Dr. Suzuki?

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki was a revolutionary pedagogue who changed music education worldwide. People were astonished at how well so many of his students could play at such a young age.

The secret is what Dr. Suzuki called the Mother Tongue method. Children everywhere easily learn their mother tongue, no matter how complex. Similarly, he realized that children can learn music just as well, if we intentionally and lovingly create a Mother Tongue environment for them. He wrote about his discoveries in his books, "Nurtured By Love" and "Ability Development From Age Zero". 

But his goal was not simply to create musicians, but to nuture noble, sensitive human souls to seek goodness, truth, and beauty, to the end of our lives.

At STEAM, we strive to follow Dr. Suzuki's philosophy as we seek the best educational methods to nuture joyful and sensitive musicianship in children and adults of all ages.

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Who is Alishan?

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My mission: to create beautiful music with beautiful hearts.

Do you want your child to make beautiful music as easily as she talks? Do you want your children to become an honorable, hard-working, noble, sensitive adults?

STEAM exists to help you nurture all these qualities in your child. Character first, ability second. Alishan's dream is to see your children play beautiful music with beautiful hearts. 

Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.

By the way: You are never too old! We accept adult students too!